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Illuminating All The Way!

Genuine efforts, if pursued resolutely, bring light in numerous lives. About two decades ago, Systems Creator began as one of the leading manufacturers of Power Conditioning Equipment. Over the period of time, they acquired unparalleled expertise and experience in Electrical domain, and brought the two virtues together into a novel venture - Manufacturing of LED Drivers.

It was a pioneering effort, which saw Systems Creator rise as one among the very few LED Drivers & SMPS manufacturers in the country. Ever since, they have kept growing from strength to strength. Today Systems Creator manufactures LED Lights under the brand name of SYSLIGHT. SYSLIGHT, which are proven to be more efficient and durable than other LED Lights. SYSLIGHT reflect Systems Creator’s constant commitment to bettering human life.


  • Research & Innovation

    This has kept us constantly driving towards every goal we laid down for ourselves. With immense passion for new ideas and having stronghold in Electronics, we have carved for us a niche place in the LED Drivers manufacturing industry.
  • Products Quality & Reliability

    Our niche offerings are a strong reason for the success we have achieved thus far. State-of-the-art technology, path breaking features, competitive pricing are a few advantages that result from the extremely efficient volume production method we have adopted.
  • Customer Service & Satisfaction

    We measure our success by the length of our customers’ smile. It’s our constant endeavor to ensure enhanced customer satisfaction, through our most comprehensive and reliable sales tools that enable them to achieve increased reliability and manageability of their information systems.

EVOLUTION of our expertise and Products

Saw the light of day with the manufacturing of Printer Sharing Devices and Printing Solutions. Ventured into Power Electronics sector by launching Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer & Spike Guard under the brand name of SYSGUARD.


Came to be known as a reliable brand in computer assembly business in a short span of time by offering excellent product quality and after sales service.

Successfully ventured into manufacturing and sales of Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and Inverters, under the brand names - SYSPOWER and SYSGEN, respectively.


Launched LED Drivers manufacturing, right when India was first exposed to LED lighting technology. Began catering to many local importers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) by offering them solutions, ranging from 1W–60W for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Established SYSDRIVE as a reputable brand in India’s LED lighting industry. Introduced quality LED lighting solutions under the brand name SYSLIGHT. These achievements together helped us add spark to our country’s recent ‘Make In India’ movement.



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